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🎃🕷 Vanilla cake – cinnamon – pumpkin

For vanilla-topped ganache (to be done the day before):

– 150g of white chocolate

– 300g of whole liquid cream 🥛

– 1 vanilla beans

— Melt the chocolate

— Heat 100g of cream with vanilla beans

— Pour 3 times over the chocolate

— Add remaining cream

— Filming on contact and keeping one night in the fridge ❄

For the pumpkin cake:

– 300g pumpkin puree 🎃

– 170g of flour

– 1cc of cinnamon powder

– 1cc of gingerbread Spice Mix

– 1 vanilla bean

– 1cc of vanilla extract

– 1cc of baking powder

– 100g of soft butter 🧈

– 150g of sugar

– 2 eggs 🥚

– 80ml of whole liquid cream

— Mix flour, spices, vanilla and yeast and set aside

— Whisk together butter and sugar

— Add the eggs

— Add pumpkin puree, cream and vanilla extract

— Add the sifted flour

— Pour into a buttered and floured pan

— Cook 30min at 170°C ♨️

Once cooled, mount the ganache and poach it onto the cake.

Decorate as you please! 🎃🕷

I urge you to visit the Instagram page of La gourmandise sur la gâteau.In addition to this one, you will find plenty of recipes all as greedy as the others!

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