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Buchettes pears, chocolate and wild pepper voatsiperifery


  • Creamy pear insert: 160g of pear puree ( or mixed syrup pear), 50g of egg yolks, 60g of whole egg, 50g of semolina sugar, 60g of butter and 3g of gelatin.
  • Crispy dark chocolate and pepper: 32g dark chocolate, 56g praline, 56g feuilletine ( or gavotte crushed), 1 spoon of wild pepper voatsiperifery ground.
  • Chocolate mousse: 145g milk chocolate, 1.5g gelatin, 125g hot whole liquid cream and 250g cold whole liquid cream.


  1. Creamy pear insert

    Rehydrate the gelatin in cold water and mix the eggs and yolks with the sugar. Meanwhile, heat the pear puree in a saucepan. Pour over the eggs. Return to the pan and cook until the tablecloth ( 83° or before boiling). Off the heat, add the dried gelatin. Mix well. When the mixture is around 45°, cut the cold butter into pieces. Mix well. Pour into the insert moulds and freeze.

  2. Pour into the insert moulds and freeze.

    Melt the chocolate and praline. Mix well. Add pepper and crushed puff pastry. Roll between two sheets of parchment paper and freeze.

  3. chocolate mousse

    Rehydrate the gelatin in cold water. Melt the chocolate and boil the first cream in parallel. Off the heat, add the dried gelatin in the hot cream and pour 3 times over the chocolate. Mix well and let cool a little. Whip the 2nd cold cream like a whipped cream and stir into the chocolate mixture.

  4. Assembly

    Pour a little foam at the bottom of the mould. Insert the creamy frozen pear. Replace a little foam and finish with the cookie. Freeze everything and decorate according to your desires

This recipe was created by pastry chef Frédérique Duperron with our selection of wild pepper voatsiperifery .

You can discover his achievements on his Instagram page : Les_patisseries_de_fred

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