Le Grill: cumin mixture


Mixture of moringa and spices from Madagascar: Le Grill – 40

A mix for delicious grills, 100% made in Madagascar ,composed of 30% powdered moringa oleifera leaves, turmeric, fleur de sel, 8% cumin, white pepper, nutmeg and garlic.

The Grill is packaged in an ethylene bag and kraft paper.

Sprinkle your grills (meat and vegetables) with the Grill when cooking.

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The mixture contains 30% moringa oleifera powder, a powerful dietary supplement, concentrated of nutrients.

Turmeric contributes to digestive comfort.

This mixture of moringa and spice is a fine powder with a sweet note of cumin, a little salty and spicy, of ochre color with a smell of cumin.

We invite you to discover the MORINGA WAVE social enterprise that fights malnutrition in Madagascar by clicking HERE.


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