Fenugreek origin Madagascar – 100g

Fenugreek is widely used in cooking because of its condiment qualities but also its remedy, we have selected for you some ideas of recipes based on fenugreek:

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Fenugreek seeds are widely used to gain weight thanks to its property to open
appetite It also promotes breast milk surges.

Fenugreek seed is considered, in traditional medicine, as:

  • neuromuscular stimulant
  • toning
  • appetite opener
  • regulating pancreatic secretions
  • hypoglycemic (lowers blood sugar levels)
  • hypolipemic (lower fat content)
  • hypocholesterolemic (lowering cholesterol in the blood)
  • natural digestive
  • pain-relieving
  • aphrodisiac
  • galactogen (stimulates breast milk surges)
  • stomachic
  • anti-inflammatory


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