Ravimboafotsy – 50g

We offer traditional Malagasy tea: leaves of “Voafotsy ” : “Aphloia theiformis”

We are delighted to offer this product because it takes us directly to Sambava, to our childhood where we drank this tea for breakfast.

We advise you to use about 5g of ravimboafotsy and let infuse 5mn in simmering water, decoction.



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Ravimboafotsy provides a protective and preventive effect to the body through the presence of active antioxidants for health. It is diuretic by cardiac and circulatory stimulation.

It flushes out the stagnation of water in the body thanks to a better blood circulation; ideal for passing the sensations of heavy legs.

We would like to point out that Ravimboafotsy does not in any way substitute for medical treatment or advice.




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