Rosemary – 10g

Rosemary is an aromatic herb with a powerful scent that you can use to enhance your savory and sweet dishes. It has a place of choice in vegetarian cuisine since it is ideal for tomato sauces and vegetable soups.

Cooking does not alter its aroma so you can use it at the beginning of cooking for your stews and stewed dishes.

Recipe Ideas:

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Rosemary is a woody plant of the Lamiaceae family with the botanical name Rosmarinus officinalis.

The rosemary we offer has been grown in a garden in Madagascar but it also grows in the wild. After its harvest, the rosemary was directly dried in the sun to preserve the intensity of its aroma. The conditioning process began by beating the dried stems.

Rosemary has long found its place in our kitchens but it is also known for its diuretic properties. It relieves intestinal bloating by its spasmolytic action on the stomach and intestine.



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