Vanilla powder.


Vanilla powder from Madagascar – 25g

Our vanilla powder is the result of a process of drying and crushing whole vanilla pods, from Madagascar.

Vanilla powder is very easy to use to flavor your flour, sugar, baking mixes, coffee, chocolate and tea.

For 500g of preparation, use one to two teaspoons of our powder.

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Madagascar is recognized for its exceptional vanilla with a vanillin rate that exceeds 1.6%; which has enabled it to be the leading vanilla producer country with 80% of world production.

Most of the vanilla powders on the market come from empty pods, we have chosen to offer you a powder of whole pods in order to provide you with a product that is easy to use and with the same taste qualities as the pods.

Also be aware that the polyphenols contained in vanilla slow down cellular aging. It also stimulates appetite and facilitates digestion.


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