About us

Introduction :

My name is Linda, I am from the Sava region in the northeast of Madagascar.
With us, the culinary culture is marked by rich tastes and scents thanks to our Asian and African roots but also to our different spices such vanilla, cloves, pepper and so many more …

At 26, I decide to « THE MALAGASY GROCERY » to hightlight my native island , through one of the many riches of which it abounds: spices.

Indeed, my childhood was rocked by various family banquets, small daily dishes as well as natural remedies based on these spices that the Malagasy flora offers us.

I appear in the September 2020 issue of the magazine “NOTE INSPIRANTE”. You can access the entire interview HERE .

You can also find me on my LinkedIn profile.

Our commitment:

We are committed to selecting 100% natural quality products from local producers and packaged with recyclable materials.

Our ambassador:

The Michelin-starred chef Arkadiusz ZUCHMANSKI is the ambassador of our products.

Marguerite and Arkadiusz ZUCHMANSKI welcome you to their gourmet restaurant APICIUS located in the heart of Clermont-Ferrand . The chef “realizes a cuisine of the essentials, which aims to value the best products with simplicity” and decided to trust us by choosing products from our selection such as gem salt, vanilla and wild pepper voatsiperifery. Indeed, these products have been integrated into the menu of the restaurant through different creations.

We invite you to discover its cuisine on apicius-clermont.com

Our values :

For many years, Madagascar has been facing population impoverishment and this has had a major impact on families in precarious situations. Having grown up in a culture of sharing and helping each other, we naturally want to take action to help children and families escape precariousness.

That’s why, we donate 5% of our turnover to our association ZANAKANAY («OUR CHILDREN» in Malagasy) which works for access to education, culture and medical care. These are important levers on which we must and can act.To learn more, we invite you to visit the website of the association by clicking right here.


We offer our products on the site but we hope one day to meet you to discuss our culture and our products! In the meantime, you have the opportunity to communicate with us through our social networks.