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Macaroon and Vanilla Tree


  • For macaroon shells: 75g egg white, 90g sugar ( 2 x 45g), 80g almond powder, 80g icing sugar and colouring powder.
  • Vanilla Ganache: 1 vanilla pod, 10cl + 18cl whole liquid cream and 200g white chocolate.
  • Red fruit compote: 140g of red fruit, 30g of sugar, 2,4g of pectin.


  1. Macaroon shells

    Beat egg whites at medium speed. When the whites become sparkling put 45g of sugar. Keep on beating. When the whites form a bird’s beak add the remaining 45g of sugar with the powder dye. Continue beating whites at maximum speed for 5 to 10mn. The whites should be shiny and smooth, that is, you should no longer smell the sugar seeds when you take a little meringue between your fingers. Meanwhile, mix the icing sugar and almond powder together and sift them 2 times to have a smooth surface when poaching. Stir in meringue mixture. First, mix well to incorporate the icing sugar and almond powder. You get a paste mixture.
    At this point, you can start the macaroni: mix with a Maryse by lightly crushing the preparation on the edges of your robot bowl. You can stop the masonry when by lifting the Maryse a ribbon forms when falling back. If this is not the case, overwrite the preparation again with the middle maryse, re-test and repeat as necessary.

  2. Vanilla Blended Ganache

    Melt the white chocolate. In parallel, heat the liquid cream (10cl) with the seeds of the vanilla bean. Pour over the chocolate in 3 times and mix well. Add the remaining cold cream and mix again. Film on contact and leave at least 5h in the fridge before going up like a whipped cream.

  3. Red fruit compote

    Mix the sugar with the pectin. Heat the fruit. Add the sugar/pectin mixture in rain and go until thickened.

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