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“Religieuses fleuries” with vanilla


  • Milk chocolate compounded ganache: 90g milk chocolate, 45g whole liquid cream (1), 130g whole liquid cream (2)
  • Vanilla Ganache: 1 vanilla pod, 100g of whole liquid cream (1), 180g of liquid cream (2), 200g of white chocolate.
  • Cocoa crackling: 40g butter half salt pomade, 50g brown sugar, 40g flour, 10g cocoa without sugar.
  • Chocolate cream: 160g of whole liquid cream, 20g of egg yolk, 80g of milk chocolate, 2g of gelatin.


  1. Milk chocolate compouned ganache

    Melt the milk chocolate. Boil the cream (1). Pour over the chocolate. Mix well. Add the cold liquid cream (2). Mix well. Film on contact and leave in the cold for at least 4 hours. Mount like a whipped cream, pour into silicone half spheres and freeze.

  2. Vanilla Blended Ganache

    Proceed in the same way as with the previous ganache. Prick a toothpick in the chocolate halves. , poach the vanilla-topped ganache with a petal tip. Freeze again and powder with white velvet.

  3. Cocoa Crackling

    Make the crackle and freeze. Make a pastry cream puff and cover the cream puff with the cracker before cooking at 180°, static heat for 25 minutes.

  4. Creamy chocolate

    Rehydrate the gelatin in cold water. Melt the chocolate . Make the custard with the cream and egg yolk. Add the gelatin off the heat. pour over the chocolate and mix before a cold take. Garnish the cream puff with creamy, mounted ganache.

This recipe was created by pastry chef Frédérique Duperron with our vanilla beans from Madagascar.

You can discover his achievements on his Instagram page: Les_patisseries_de_fred

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