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Vanilla praline tart


  • Vanilla mousse: 6g of gelatin, 40g of egg yolks, 30g of sugar, 140g of whole milk, 1 vanilla pod, 360g of cream floret.
  • Shortbread: 250g of flour, 125g of butter, 50g of icing sugar, 1 egg yolk, 30g of cold water, 1 pinch of salt.
  • Hazelnut cream: 50g hazelnut powder, 50g butter, 50g sugar, 50g whole eggs.
  • Hazelnut praline: 200g hazelnut, 100g sugar.
  • Praline cream: 150g pastry cream, 35g hazelnut praline, 2g gelatin leaf, 150g whipped cream.


  1. The shortbread dough

    Put the flour, icing sugar, butter and salt in the mixer and mix with the leaf, once well mixed add the egg yolk and water and then mix until a homogeneous dough. Once your dough is ready, spread it out and roll it into tart circles.

  2. The cream of hazelnut

    Make a butter pomade, put it in the mixer with the leaf, add the sugar and the hazelnut powder, let it turn slowly and incorporate the eggs little by little, finish mixing with the Maryse. Once ready, place the hazelnut cream in the tartlets (previously cooked) using a pastry bag, put in a few crushed hazelnuts and bake the tartlets again for 20 minutes at 150°.

  3. The hazelnut praline

    Put the hazelnuts in the oven at 150° for 20 minutes, make a caramel, add the hazelnuts and pour them all over a silpat. Once cooled, mix until a liquid paste is obtained. Mould into round moulds, harden in the freezer and keep the rest of the preparation for the praline cream.

  4. The cream praline

    Make a praline diplomat, soak the gelatin, beat the firm cream in a mixer with a whisk and keep it in a chicken’s ass, put the pastry cream with the praline then whip until the cream is smooth. Heat the gelatin and add it to the praline cream. Add the whipped cream with a Maryse and mix until smooth. Garnish tarts and scrape to the brim.

  5. The vanilla mousse

    Put the gelatin to soak, blanch the eggs and sugar in a chicken’s ass, Heat the milk and vanilla in a saucepan and add the gelatin dried out. Boil the mixture and pour it over the eggs off the heat. Put the mixture back on the heat and wait for the broth while mixing with the whisk. Mix and set aside in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, set the cream firm. Add to first preparation until light foam is obtained. Using a sleeve bag, grind the tartlet circles to level, add the praline rings ( step 3) and scrape with a spatula. Leave everything in the freezer.

  6. The assembly

    Unmould the vanilla mousses and glaze with a mirror vanilla glaze, then place them on the tartlets. Decorate the top with a few hazelnuts cut in half.

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