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Your homemade vanilla ice cream with only 3 ingredients!🍦

Boil 400g of liquid cream with 2 vanilla beans, let it infuse overnight in the fridge

The next day, put in a mixer the liquid cream – vanilla and 200g of sweetened condensed milk, beat it all until it has a whipped whipped cream consistency, then put in a freezer box for a night!

And there you go, you have your homemade vanilla ice cream ! 🍦

You can of course add your favorite toppings: salted butter caramel, chocolate, fruit or cookies 🙂


Thanks to Enzo Orfei for sharing this super easy to make recipe and for using our vanilla beans for his pastries.

We strongly invite you to visit her Instagram page by clicking HERE. You will discover a young pastry chef who is passionate and generous.

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